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Dot down a special date on the school holiday calendar and take the time to explore our beloved country, South Africa!

With all of South Africa’s challenges we sometimes forget what a privileged position we’re in by living in the most beautiful country in the world. Buzzfeed recently published an article describing South Africa like this: “With its magnificent mountain ranges and wildlife, waterfalls and whales, antiquity and architecture, the worlds most incredible Spring, plus all it’s natural wonders, South Africa is ‘The Most Beautiful Country in The World’ and without a doubt, Cape Town is a traveller’s dream destination.” Let’s take a moment to remember 7 amazing things that make our country so incredibly special:

  1. Everywhere you look you’ll find beauty, both man-made and natural. On the whole, Cape Town has plenty of both, with its spectacular architecture, amazing ocean views, and rich culture.
  2. Coastline drives are unparalleled. The Garden Route and Chapman’s Peak offer magnificent sightseeing, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that every South African should behold.
  3. We enjoy very diverse wildlife and ecosystems. We are blessed to have expansive national parks with wonderful ecosystems that protect and allow our wildlife to thrive. South Africa is proud to nurture the Big Five and many endangered species, like the Pangolin and African Wild Dog. We are also home to a broad range of magnificent marine life as well. Can you think of any other place on earth where you can see whales frolicking in the ocean and herds of elephants grazing?
  4. Highly diverse plant kingdom. The diversity in our floral kingdom includes numerous species of indigenous plants as well as a number of alien plants. We are so priviledged to be able to enjoy such incredible flowers, like the King Protea.
  5. Very unique mountains with the gifts they hold. Table Mountain is the most famous mountain in South Africa, identified as one of 7 new wonders of nature. But that’s not all, the Drakensberg is uniquely special for its Amphitheatre, the technicoloured cliffs of sandstone at the Swartberg displays and one of the most incredible cave systems you’ll find in all the world, the Kango Caves. Our country is replete with history, much of it coming from Mother Earth, where we have discovered minerals and ancient fossils that contribute to our wealth of knowledge.
  6. One of the most colourful countries in the world. We are called “The Rainbow Nation” because we have a very diverse and colorful population, a beautifully coloured flag and in Springtime, thousands of very colourful flowers bloom all over the country, which transforms the harshest of environments. For example, Namaqualand becomes a vast expanse of naturally beautiful gardens.
  7. You will never see a more spectacular sunset anywhere. Everywhere in South Africa you will see the most beautiful shades of colour at sunset, reminding us every evening how magnificently beautiful the continent of Africa is that South Africa is it’s most prized gem.

That being said, we know that each individual sees South Africa through their own eyes, but for us, it is home. 

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